Gift giving is part of the magic of the parent-child connection. You don’t have to give tremendous or extravagant gifts. It just needs to be thoughtful and delivered with love and sincerity.

Gifts can stimulate the imagination of your child. It will entertain, educate or make him or her enjoy it. There are formal gifts for birthdays and holidays. And there are “little things” you give to make your child feel special.

Nothing surpasses the smile on a kid’s face when you get them the perfect gift. Are you looking for gift ideas for babies, toddlers and older children? Consider these gift ideas perfect for birthdays and holiday gift giving.


1. Mini ATM Electronic Coin Bank

This high-quality box is a perfect gift for your kids to develop a habit of saving up money. This Mini ATM Electronic Coin Bank has a great feature of securing the cash with security codes. It can store up to 600 pieces of coins or 100 pieces of paper money.

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2. Crayola Ultimate Light Board

Put your kid’s art on lights! With this fantastic educational toy, your kids can create excellent art, light up the designs and showcase them in the dark. This gift idea is safe and nontoxic. Your kids will surely enjoy it while being creative.

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3. Slime kit DIY 82 Pack

This DIY Slime Kit is one of the most recent DIY gift kids will love! Slime kit is an astonishing box full of tons of slime additives- glitter, beads, and more. There are options to choose from to decorate and style you slime.

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4. Running Super Mario Led Lamp

This lamp is perfect for your kid’s room. This is a blend of art and technology that creates an optical 3D illusion. You’ll see the design from afar, but as you approach, you’ll see a thin sheet of acrylic glass that’s completely flat. It’s destined to amaze and fascinate your kids which always lighting up the room.

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5. Educational Microscope Kit

This educational toy will teach your child to work with adults on how to examine and determine subjects of all matter using this basic science microscope kit. Kids can use this educational microscope to observe, collect, analyze specimens, and record findings on their objects. Your child will receive educational awareness from this microscope kit.

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