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Poké Ball Plus (Nintendo Switch)


The Poke Ball Plus bridges the gap between real life and video game world in a way not many accessories do. For Pokemon fans, kids or adults, this Poke Ball Plus feels like one of those unique accessories that surpass its typically humble add-on nature.


Pokemon has had its share of exciting and beautiful peripherals and accessories over the years. The Poke Ball Plus is one of the coolest one ever. The Poke Ball Plus is a peripheral designed to tug at your childhood heartstrings. It’s like Nintendo and Game Freak jumped inside their games and came away with a real-life Poke Ball for you to use. The Poke Ball Plus is an excellent bit of kit, and essential for hardcore Pokemon fans eager to grow their collection. It is a unique gift to experience Pokemon: Let’s Go. Certainly something you’ll be happy to have on your gaming shelves.

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